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Service throughout the Dallas / Fortworth Area

Service throughout the Dallas / Fortworth Area

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Look for Signs You Have a Plumbing Leak

plumbing-repair-servicesPlumbing leaks rank among the most common issues any household can face. Plumbing pipes are sturdy and protected in most cases, since the bulk of them are usually hidden behind walls and under floors. But nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later, a leak is bound to occur in your home.

When that happens, your best bet is always to call in a professional plumber rather than try to fix the problem yourself. Professionals have the tools and experience to treat the problem swiftly, and effectively. When it comes to water leaking into your home, that’s worth its weight in gold.

But before the plumber can come, you need to spot the signs that there’s a problem. And while it’s one thing when water is spilling out across your kitchen floor, many leaks take place in hidden portions of the pipe, such as behind the walls. They can go undetected for weeks or even months before you notice them. By the time you do, the damage can be considerable.

What to Look For

The good news is that there are a number of signs that indicate a leak, and you don’t need to be an expert to notice them. They can include the following:

  • Soft spots in drywall or other materials, caused by water leaking onto it. The spots may spread over time.
  • Sounds of running or dripping water where you have no business to expect them.
  • A drop in water pressure in the affected outlet or outlets. In some cases, the flow of water may stop entirely.
  • Mold growth in unusual spots in your home, particularly if you haven’t had any problems with mold in the past.
  • Higher water bills, especially bills that spike despite you not using any more water than normal.
  • Flecks of rust or similar material in your water. This may not indicate a leak, but it does indicate corrosion in the pipes, which will need to be addressed before a leak springs up.

Shut Off the Water Before Calling a Plumber

Once you’ve identified a leak, the next step is to stop the flow of water from the leak. Ideally, there will be a local valve to cut off water from the affected pipe without stopping the water flow from the other outlets in the house. This is usually the case when the leak is located near an outlet, such as in the pipe directly underneath the sink.

But if you’re not sure, you should never take chances. Leaking pipes can cause a considerable amount of damage, and it’s better to go without water for a few hours thanĀ  elevate the costs of getting it repaired without reason.

Every home has a main water valve that cuts off water to the entire house. All members of your family should know where it is and use it in the event you need to stop a major leak. That will keep damage from spreading, and you can then call on a professional to take care of the repairs.

For a quality plumber in Rockwall, TX, call the professionals at Earthwise Home Services today!

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