Signs You Need Sewer Pipe Repair

With the sewer line buried in a trench running from your house out to the street, it isn’t something that’s easy to observe to find out if it needs repair work. But there are a number of warning indicators of sewer repair to watch for. Call us if you’re having one or more the following happening:

  • Backed–up or slow drains: When you find slow drains and clogs around your house, it means something is going wrong that’s much deeper down in the plumbing system than a basic clog. The sewer line may need to be cleaned, or it may need a more extensive repair because of breaks for tree root infiltration.
  • Foul smells from drains: A single bad–smelling drain often means a dried–out p–trap, which is easy to fix. More than one bad–smelling drain indicates a bad sewer pipeline.
  • Soggy, foul–smelling patches on the property: Leaking sewage from a broken sewer line will rise up to the surface of your lawn and garden. These damp, bad–smelling patches are a major warning you have sewer line damage.
  • Water spots in the basement: The first drains in a property that will be affected by a damaged sewer line are in the lowest part of the house. If you notice water spots around basement drains, be cautious of potential sewer line issues.

When Will You Need Sewer Replacement?

A sewer pipeline should last for many decades, but older types of plumbing material have a faster decay rate. For years, sewer pipes were built of cast iron, galvanized steel, or clay. This changed to copper in the 1970s, and copper remains the preferred material to this day. If you live in a home older than 1970, and especially a home older than World War II, you probably should have a sewer line replacement in the near future. Putting in a copper line that resists corrosion and is flexible enough to avoid breaking because of shifts in the soil is an excellent way to ensure a long life from the pipeline.

We’re Your Sewer Repair and Replacement Experts in Richardson, TX

When you need a fast response to potential sewer troubles in your house, contact Earthwise Home Services. We offer 24/7 emergency service for just this sort of occurrence. We back up all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: you can trust our skilled service professionals!

We take pride in offering reliable service to our customers, and we can solve plumbing problems of any kind. Working with sewer lines is one of the biggest jobs we take on, but we’re glad to tackle any size plumbing issue or installation service in Richardson, TX and the surrounding areas.