What Kinds of Problems Do Ducts Have?

Problems with ducts here in Richardson, TX tend to fall into one of two categories:

A Blockage. A blockage is the less common problem, usually caused by a crimp in the ducts though also caused by build–up in the ducts or similar problems. It can be detected by a reduction in the air flow out of the ducts.

A Breach. Breaches often take place when bolts or fittings between two piece of duct wear out, though they can also occur when animals like raccoons damage it or inadvertent damage caused by work conducted elsewhere in the house. They can pull conditioned air out of the ducts or pull unconditioned air in.

How Do You Detect Them?

Only a trained technician can diagnose and repair damage to your ducts – or replace sections of ducts if the damage is too extensive – but that doesn’t mean you can’t spot the signs that something is wrong. Generally speaking, you can check for problems with your ducts in one of three ways:

  1. Low air flow coming out of your vents. If only one vent is affected, the problem is probably in that section of vent, while multiple affected vents mean a problem closer to the central unit.
  2. Strange noises, like hums or vibrations, caused by air escaping the vent.
  3. Air that isn’t as hot or as cold as it should be, caused either by conditioned air escaping through the leak or unconditioned air being pulled in.

We Solve The Problem Every Time

No matter what the problem is with your ducts, and no matter how they need correction or replacement, our team is ready to go. We can diagnose the exact cause of the problem, as well as pinpointing its location in your ducts. We can then get the issue fixed, either by cleaning up the clog, repairing the crimp or sealing the breach using a number of effective methods.

It all comes on top of our service guarantees, ensuring that the duct problem gets corrected the first time, every time. If you suspect a problem with your ducts, call our team today!