Good Installation Means Good Performance

A central AC system’s life starts with installation, which means you need a trained technician who knows how to conduct the operation properly. That means helping you select the right system to meet the unique needs of your home: sizing it properly and ensuring that it is as efficient as it can be given the budget you’re working with.

With those details in mind, a trained professional can then install the unit in your Richardson, TX home with care for every detail: double–checking every step and using high–end components such as nuts and bolts,. As a result, your central AC will work as effectively as possible when you first start it up and run for a good long time before it requires any repairs.

Get Repairs Treated Quickly

As efficiently as we install central AC units here at Earthwise Home Services, no system is perfect. Sooner or later, time or accidental damage will catch up to every system, and that means you’ll need to get your system repaired sooner or later. When that happens, the repairs need to be conducted quickly, since every day you wait is a day the temperature could turn your home into an oven.

Our team is trained to move swiftly in the event of a central air conditioning breakdown, and we know how important it is to ensure that any repairs can last through daily summer AC use. If your central system runs into trouble this summer, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call!

Stop Breakdowns Before They Start with Timely Maintenance

Repair calls are sometimes necessary, but we don’t like making them any more than you like calling for them: not where there are easy ways to help stop such problems before they start. The best method is to schedule a timely maintenance session for your central air conditioner every spring before you have need of the system.

Maintenance sessions most closely resemble a tune–up on your car: letting the technician take a close look at your system and determine if there are any problems. If there are, a repair session can be scheduled at leisure to fix it before it causes an unexpected breakdown. Beyond that, maintenance lets the technician correct little issues like worn bolts and clogged filters, improving the overall efficiency of your system and helping you cut down on those high monthly bills!