What Are Dual Fuel Systems?

Traditional furnaces use gas or similar heat sources to warm your home. Heat pumps, on the other hand, combine the effects of a heater an air conditioner into one: cycling refrigerant to cool the air in the summer, then reversing the flow to warm the air in the winter. They’re effective systems because they don’t consume fuel the way that gas–fed furnaces do.

The problem is that the weather in Richardson, TX can sometimes get a little too cold for heat pumps to work as effectively as they could. In those instances, a smaller furnace can be used to make up the difference. Hence, the hybrid heat dual fuel system: utilizing both elements to make sure your home is comfortable no matter what!

How Do They Help?

At first glance, a dual fuel heat pump sounds like a lot of effort. Why not simply use a single furnace to warm the air and lean on an air conditioner in the summer? Simply put, because heat pumps are a very effective form of heating. Because the refrigerant in the heat pump isn’t consumed to provide heat, it costs much less to run than other types of furnace: just a little electricity to power its various components.

Heat pump technology works best when temperatures stay above freezing: 30–40 degrees or thereabouts. That works quite well in the Richardson, TX area, since our winters tend to be much milder than they are further north. But there will always be cold spells and those nights when the temperatures drop below that. The smaller furnace in a hybrid heat system is there for those times, ensuring that your home has the heat it needs.

We’re Here to Make Sure You Have What You Need

Dual fuel heat pumps make a great addition to your home, but you still need a trained expert to handle any issues that crop up. That includes installing a new system, replacing an old one, or dealing with any unexpected repair issues, we have the skills and experience required to get the job done the right way. That can mean everything when the winter snows are falling and you need your home to be warm and comfortable.

Hybrid heat systems can be a great boon to any household especially with the right team on your side. Call us today to make an appointment!