New Thermostats Solve All Kinds of Problems

Most of us are used to traditional digital thermostats, which are standard for most homes in the Richardson, TX area. They’re easy to use and because they have few moving parts, they can last for decades or more. If your home’s thermostat has lasted that long, congratulations!

The one drawback to having an older thermostat is that it can’t take advantage of the new developments in the field during the last few years. Wireless thermostats, for instance, can be controlled remotely via the internet with an app on your phone. Smart thermostats can make micro adjustments to your settings to account for our heating and cooling habit. The service technicians at Earthwise Home Services can go over your options with you!

Installation Means Replacement

In most cases, a problematic thermostats merits replacement instead of repair: it’s simply easier and less time–intensive (read: less expensive) to put in a new unit. And because most homes in the area already have thermostats installed, you’ll likely be replacing an existing unit instead of installing a new one.

That’s where we come in. Our trained team knows how to replace older thermostats – especially mercury–based thermostats which are dangerous and need to be removed safely – as well as providing a variety of options to help you select the right new thermostat for your home. Trust us every time and we’ll make sure you have the thermostat you need.

Placement Matters Too

In some cases, you don’t strictly need a replacement thermostat as much as you need your current thermostat moved. Thermostat placement can be surprisingly tricky sometimes. A cross–breeze, for instance, can cause it to misread the temperature – incorrectly thinking that it’s cooler than it actually is – while sunlight exposure can make it misinterpret the temperature as too warm.

Here too, our trained team has the answers. If your thermostat is experiencing difficulties and a move is the best solution, we can identify the problem quickly, then suggest a place to put your new thermostats. If you are happy with your existing unit, we can move it to a new spot. If it needs replacing, we can suggest a new spot where the new system can be placed. Either way, you’ll have the services of our trained experts and we won’t rest until your thermostat is functioning exactly the way it needs to.