Your Heating System Options

The heating market today is varied, with a number of options of which to provide central comfort in your Richardson, TX home. We have a wide range of heaters available for installation or replacement, and we also repair and maintain these systems so you never have to worry about having unreliable heating services. Below are some of the specific heating systems we offer.

  • Furnaces: There is no heater on the market more popular than the traditional furnace. There are a number of different types available, with natural gas or electric powered systems being the most known. We provide expert installation for furnaces, and will ensure you have the best one for your family’s specific needs.
  • Heat Pumps: To have your home’s heating and cooling needs resolved in one system, you’d do well to consider the heat pump. These systems take the functionality of an air conditioner and give you the ability to reverse it in the winter for effective heating.
  • Dual Fuel Systems: A dual fuel system combines the efficiency and effectiveness of a heat pump system and combines it with a backup furnace, for when winter temps dip a little too low for the heat pump to work as efficiently as it can on its own.
  • Ductless Systems: Air ducts are no longer required to enjoy central forced–air heating. If your home lacks space for a ventilation system, or even if you’re designing a new home and want to save space, you may want to ask about having a ductless system installed. Also, similar to heat pumps, ductless systems can be used for heating and cooling!

Comprehensive Heating Services throughout Richardson, TX

Would you ever skip a teeth cleaning at the dentist? Or perhaps a bigger question—would you ever skip an automobile tune–up? Chances are, you would not. You likely know that this can lead to problems later on. Well, it’s no different for your heating system. No matter which model you have, it’s important to have it regularly inspected, cleaned, and adjusted by professionals who are trained for the job.

During your maintenance session, we’ll also check to ensure that there are no repair needs that need addressing. If we do find repair issues, we’ll alert you right away so that you can schedule this with our team, at your convenience. Our maintenance sessions help to prevent costly and untimely heating system problems—contact us today to schedule your next appointment.