How Do They Work?

Ductless mini spilt systems don’t work any differently than any other HVAC system. They simply adopt a decentralized approach to the issue. Multiple smaller units are used instead of one large one: each one tasked with heating or cooling a single room or section of the home. Each unit can be adjusted independently of the others, allow9ing you to set different temperatures in different rooms to suit your tastes.

Ductless heating and ductless air conditioning systems cost more to install than centralized systems, since more units need to be put into your home. In exchange, however, they provide a number of benefits. And with the pros at Earthwise Home Services on hand, your Richardson, TX home can start enjoying the considerable benefits as quickly as possible.

What Kind of Benefits Do They Provide?

In exchange for the extra cost of installing a new ductless mini split system, your home will enjoy a number of long–term benefits. They include:

  • Temperature Precision, which allows different family members to set different temperatures in whichever room they’re occupying. That ensures everyone is comfortable and prevents squabbles over the thermostat.
  • Improved Savings, which comes from turning off those units in parts of the home you aren’t using (such as bedrooms during the day), while still running them in parts of the home you are using. Not only does this cut down on your heating and cooling bills without skimping on a comfortable, but it lowers the amount of wear and tear on your system as well.
  • No Ducts! This last part is probably the most important, especially for homes built before the advent of air conditioning or those that otherwise can’t support a traditional system of ducts.

We’re the Team to Call

With the friendly pros at Earthwise Home Services, you have a first–rate team on your side to handle installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services for ductless mini split systems of all variety. We’ll assess your home and develop a plan for the type of system and precise placement that works best for you. Then we’ll work with you to ensure that the installation takes place exactly as intended.

That way, there won’t be any trouble with your ductless system when you first use it. And if trouble arises down the road, we’ll be ready to go with prompt repairs and timely maintenance!