Are You Looking for a Furnace Installation or Replacement?

There are a number of different types of furnaces on the market today, which run from various energy sources. Choosing the right kind can be difficult, but this is a task that our service professionals can help you with. We will match you with the best type of furnace to meet your needs, and ensure that it is installed correctly and safely.

Your choice for energy source for your new furnace will likely come down to choosing between natural gas or electricity. Natural gas furnaces are typically more powerful at providing heat and are less costly to run, while electric models are relatively safer and work for homes that don’t have a gas connection. We’re happy to help guide you towards the best option for you and your home in Richardson, TX.

Choosing Between Gas and Electric Furnaces

We’ve provided some basic information above, but would like to delve deeper into the benefits of each type of furnace, to help you make an educated decision about which is best for your needs.

  • Gas Furnaces: These systems are extremely effective. They work by combusting natural gas in order to heat air, which is then distributed through your home via the ductwork. Natural gas is piped directly into the home and the appliances that use it, unlike oil or propane which has to be delivered or stored. One argument against gas furnaces, aside from simply not having access to a gas line, is that they are unsafe—but the gas furnaces of today are built with your safety in mind. Plus so long as you invest in professional furnace services, such as maintenance, you needn’t worry too much about the shape of your heating system.
  • Electric Furnaces: If safety is still a concern, you may choose to go with an electric furnace. The major argument against this model is the cost of running electricity from month to month. However, modern electric furnaces are built to be very efficient, and you don’t have to worry about losing any heat generated via flue gases.

Whatever type of furnace you choose, trust a team with a focus on quality furnace services, such as comprehensive maintenance, to ensure that your furnace serves you well for as long as possible. Contact us today for more information about your furnace options.