Are Air Filtration Systems Really Effective?

Homeowners will often ask us about the air filter that’s already installed in their AC and heating system. "Isn’t this enough?" Unfortunately, no, this air filter is not designed to protect your indoor air quality. Rather, it is in place to protect the internal components of your HVAC system form damage that can be caused by debris coming through the return ducts.

What you need instead is a specialized air filtration system that can do an extremely thorough job of eliminating unwanted particles from your home. Depending on the filters efficiency rating (referred to as MERV rating), it can trap most pollutants 0.3 microns in size or larger with greater than 99% efficiency. This helps stop dander, pollen, dust mites, carpet fiber, and many other nuisances in their tracks.

What to Expect from Whole House Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are another indoor air quality product that can help you breathe healthier air. There is the standard time—the electronic air purifier—that uses a process of ionizing the air to eliminate potentially harmful particles. This is integrated right into your HVAC system, where a process called corona discharge causes particles in the air to either gain or lose an electron, making them negatively or positively charged. These charged particles are then drawn down toward a pair of plates on the purifier where they are trapped and can easily be removed.

Another popular type of air purification system is the UV air purifier. This system is designed to destroy organic pollutants such as mold spores, viruses, and bacteria that reside in the cold and damp environment of your ductwork. This type of air purification system consists of a lamp that sends out ultraviolet light, which is harmless to humans and pets but deadly to bacteria.

Finding the Best Air Filtration or Purification System for Your Home

Choosing the best type of indoor air quality system depends on many factors, such as your home’s specific needs when it comes to air quality. The best air purifier or air filtration system is one that is matched to the contaminants present in your Richardson, TX home.

If this sounds too overwhelming to figure out on your own, that’s okay. That’s what our team is here for. Only an indoor air quality professional can find the correct types of indoor air quality products to clean out the air in your home and give you healthier breathing. Contact us today!