Benefits of Natural Gas for a Home

Natural gas is highly advantageous for a household. It’s a less expensive energy source than electricity, which is why so many homes make use of natural gas to power their water heaters, furnaces, and boilers. Natural gas is a convenient energy source, sent directly to a house through municipal lines, which makes it better than alternative sources such as liquid propane that require regular delivery and are more susceptible to fluctuations in market price. Natural gas burns cleanly, with few emissions, and is domestically produced. Also, ask any person who loves to cook and they’ll tell you gas–powered ovens and ranges are far better than electric ones. If you’re looking to expand the gas lines and gas pipes in your house to make more use of natural gas, contact us and we’ll help you out.

You Must Have a Licensed Professional for Gas Piping Work

One of the most important things you need to know about working with natural gas piping, whether its copper or flexible gas lines, is that only qualified and licensed professionals are legally permitted to work on pipes or appliances connected to a gas main. The danger of poor work is simply too high: trying to repair a gas pipe or install new piping can lead to toxic gas leaks and major combustion hazards. If you have any suspicion that you currently have gas leaks in your house, shut off the gas main and call the power company for assistance. We can help you with the necessary repairs afterwards.

We Offer Full Service for Gas Pipes and Gas Lines in Richardson, TX

Never take a chance with an amateur or inexperienced gas line plumber. This is too important a job, and shoddy work puts your family’s health and safety on the line. No matter if you are thinking of putting in a new appliance, such as a gas–powered dryer, or you have corroded copper piping that has to be replaced, contacting Earthwise Home Services will put you on the way to a solution.

You can trust our friendly service technicians to do the best job each time in Richardson, TX and the surrounding areas. That’s why we back up our work with a 100% guarantee. We’re here to help make your home safe and energy efficient. It’s why our slogan is "Because our planet matters."