Everything and the Kitchen Sink!

When we say we handle all kitchen plumbing services, we mean it. Of course the kitchen sink is included: it’s one of the most important parts of your kitchen’s plumbing. Along with full sink plumbing work, we also provide service for:

  • Faucet plumbing: Do you have a leaky faucet? Or would you like an entirely new faucet to upgrade your kitchen? Whatever it is, leave it to us.
  • Garbage disposal units: Many people have a hard time imagining sink plumbing without a garbage disposal to grind up food waste. We’ll see you don’t have to go without this useful appliance with repair and replacement service.
  • Drain cleaning: Clogs in kitchen drains are a frequent hassle. You can reach us for emergency unclogging, but we also recommend regular drain cleaning for the kitchen to keep the drainpipes in great shape.

Don’t Look to Amateurs for Kitchen Plumbing Work

The kitchen isn’t a place to tinker around with the plumbing on your own. If you try to get under the kitchen sink to tamper with the pipes and do a sink repair on your own, you may end up with broken pipes and a much worse problem than you started with.

But you also shouldn’t entrust these tasks to a "handyman" who lacks training. It may sound as if you’ll save money by going this route—but it will seem much different later when new repair problems have caused water damage or brought your kitchen to a complete halt. Start each job out right by contacting a licensed professional plumber.

Great Kitchen Plumbing in Richardson, TX Starts with Us

You can put your confidence in Earthwise Home Services and our trained plumbers to see you always have the best work possible for your kitchen’s pipes, fixtures, and appliances. We have more than 40 years of experience in Richardson, TX and the surrounding areas, and we take great pride in our ability to solve all types of plumbing issues. When you have an emergency kitchen plumbing problem, you can reach us 24–hours a day and we’ll come to your assistance. We understand how unpredictable plumbing can be and that you can’t just wait for business hours to start: we’re always ready to help.