Is Your Main Water Line in Trouble?

It’s likely that you have no clue whether or not you need main water line repair or services. That’s what our staff is here for—to diagnose what’s happening in your plumbing and resolve the issue as needed. There are, however, some common signs you can keep an eye out for, which indicate that you could have a water line problem:

  • Your Water Pressure Dropped: If there’s a clog or a break in your main water line, then you may notice a decline in the water pressure. Generally, if the issue is within your main water line, then all of the faucets throughout your Richardson, TX home will experience low water pressure. If you notice this, be sure to call us right away.
  • Your Yard Is Covered in Soggy Spots: Your main water line and sewer lines are buried in the ground. The main water line connects to the Richardson, TX municipal water supply. If a leak occurs with this line, water will begin to seep into the dirt and head to the surface. As a result you may see soggy spots in your yard, despite the absence of rain or a broken sprinkler head. If these spots are accompanied by a foul odor, then you could be dealing with a sewer line break. Either way, your next best step is to contact us.
  • Your Water Is Discolored: Seeing a tinged or rusty looking color in your drinking and bathing water is never a good sign. If you notice this, then you should first check to ensure it’s not just coming from your hot water taps—because if it is, you are probably dealing with a water heater problem and not a main line water replacement need.

Why You Need Professional Water Line Services

A job of this nature requires following local and state codes. Additionally, it necessitates the professional training that can only come from the education required of our service professionals. This is the only way to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Be sure to call on an expert when it comes time to replace or repair your water line.

Our plumbers understand just how devastating a plumbing problem can be, and that emergencies rarely occur during a convenient time. For this reason, we also offer 24/7 emergency services for all your plumbing concerns.