What Is It?

If you own a cell phone, chances are you already know how small and effective video cameras can be these days. Most phones carry cameras smaller than your fingernail, along with lights just as small: allowing you to make home movies on the fly whenever you want.

That same technology can be used to provide an unprecedented look inside the pipes of your plumbing. The service technician will run the video camera on a line down your pipes, with a tablet in hand to guide it and direct it to the problem area. The results provide unprecedented detail on the nature of the plumbing problem here in Richardson, TX. And let the trained team at Earthwise Home Services diagnose the problem swiftly and accurately.

What Changed?

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and the primary benefit of video pipe inspection is the kind of details it can deliver the plumber in preparation for any repair or installation job. Before video inspection, plumbers needed to take an educated guess as to where the problem was. A leak could be identified, for example, but it was hard to tell if the leak was limited to one spot, or whether corrosion or similar issues were more widespread.

Similarly, the plumber couldn’t always identify the cause of a clog, and would have to apply a more general solution rather than one tailored to the specific material causing the clog. Certainly, the problems still got fixed, but they took more time in many cases and weren’t always as effective as they could be.

How It Helps

The information provided by video camera inspection means that the service technician can apply the right repair method the first time, instead of wasting energy determining what might work best, A stubborn clog can be addressed with a rotating snake head tailored to the clog material, for example, while corrosion can be accurately mapped and the affected pipes replaced.

The trained team at Earthwise Home Services uses video pipe inspection to move your repair job along swiftly and ensure that the job is done the right way the first time. Call us today to learn more!