We Install and Service Different Types of Hot Water Heaters

When people think of water heaters and the different types available, they usually have in mind a system that runs using a large storage tank for the water. It can be either an electric water heater using heating elements inside the tank to raise the water temperature, or a gas water heater that has gas burners and a heat exchanger. Gas water heaters cost less to run, but electric water heaters are an option for homes that lack a gas main. They also cost less upfront to install and replace.

But the variety of water heaters available is more diverse than this. We offer water heater services for different kinds of models:

  • Tank water heaters: This is the "standard" for water heaters, the type where the water is kept continually heated inside a storage tank. You probably have owned one of these systems before, if one isn’t already serving your house. Tank water heaters an affordable and reliable, and can deliver hot water fast to taps and appliances in the house.
  • Tankless water heaters: A popular alternative to the standard water heater is the tankless water heater. This type system heats water as it is needed (or "on–demand," another name for tankless water heaters), and because of this, it uses less energy to run. Other advantages include small size and unlimited hot water supply.
  • Heat pump water heaters: Here is a great option for homes that don’t have gas power for a gas water heater and want something different than a conventional electric water heater. A heat pump water heater takes thermal energy from the ambient air around the system and applies it to the tank. This lowers operating costs compared to a standard electric unit.

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Along with offering new installations and replacements for hot water heaters, our trustworthy technicians provide regular maintenance and system repairs when you need them: we have 24/7 emergency service, and all our work is backed up with a 100% guarantee. No matter what type of water heater serves your household’s hot water needs, you can rely on us to have it fixed and working for you again.

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